About The Cream Natural Skincare Range

About the Cream

theCream is a 100% natural skincare range, free from all chemicals, heavy metals or mineral oils. As with Electric Body, New Zealand dairy colostrum forms the base of all the creams in the range. Colostrum is the most powerful, cell-building and complete all-natural ingredient known to man.

Selected products of theCream also contain three of natural, new and revolutionary active ingredients:

1. Defensil Plus®: A natural botanical blend of blackcurrant, balloon vine and sunflower oil concentrates. This powerful new active ingredient helps to reduce redness and replenishes regenerates, protects and soothes skin.

2. DermCom®: Extract from the crocus chrysanthus bulb. This enables cell communication between the epidermis and dermis, which in turn rejuvenates skin. DermCom® also reduces wrinkle size and depth by encouraging the formation of elastin and stimulating collagen by 115% within two weeks. 

3. L22®: A patented formula of botanically sourced lipids (Jojoba, Macadamia and Olive essential oils). L22® was specifically developed to deliver the skin lipid profile of healthy 22 year old skin.

All formulations are waterless, which means they are in their most effective and concentrated form, and they are also clinically tested and EU cosmetics safety approved.


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