Anti-ageing is actually a total misnomer…

Anti-ageing is actually a total misnomer…

The joy of being alive is truly the most powerful anti-ageing factor, but let’s look at some of the ways we can physically manifest it.

There is clearly a difference between feeling good and looking good. Unfortunately, none of us can stop ageing… it’s a lineal measurement of time, but what most of us are striving for is to hold onto our youthful vigour and appearance for as long as practically possible.

Most of the Western world relates ageing to our appearance – so let’s take a look at what affects it.

First we notice the skin, especially on the face. So what are the biggest issues to cause our skin, and in particular our facial skin, to deteriorate?

The body uses the skin as a depository for many non life-giving and chemical compounds. It pushes the toxins away from the internal organs to the surface in an attempt to keep the body working properly inside.

These compounds and other toxic chemicals then react with the sun, resulting in that wrinkled, leathery appearance. To explain further…the skin is trying to run a marathon every day and, like any cell that has been stressed, it will lose its elasticity and its ability to function unless it is nourished extremely well. It’s worth remembering here that for women more than men cigarettes have one of the biggest detrimental impacts on complexion.

Is our appearance of ageing due to malnutrition? Yes, but not as we would normally understand it. The malnutrition in this case is a lack of minerals and good fats in the diet.

The good news is you can change the way you feel and the way your skin looks, your vitality, your immune systems, your energy levels and literally every single parameter in your body with correct mineralisation.

The next biggest thing that most people do not realise is the effect that movement has on the process of ageing, or, to be more accurate, looking old prematurely.

Prior to the Second World War. 80% of us lived in a rural environment where physical activity was a huge part of our daily existence. Today, more than 85% of us in the Western world live in an urban environment where the biggest part of our daily existence is spent sitting down.

Movement cleans the cells and is required to make food available to them. In other words, movement is like Spring cleaning on a daily basis. It’s simple…without movement we age prematurely.

  • TIP 1: Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat…it all ends up in the same place! Take a look at Electric Body (
  • TIP 2: The sun is shining, so get out and enjoy the fresh air – preferably not between 10:00 and 16:00. Take in some much-needed vitamin D and help your skin at the same time!

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