Bye-Bye razor burn: 4 steps to perfecting the perfect shave

Bye-Bye razor burn: 4 steps to perfecting the perfect shave

Let’s face it, razor burn is a pain in the neck – quite literally – but they aren’t an inevitability we all have to put up with. In fact, with proper preparation, technique and aftercare razor burns and ingrowing hairs can become a thing of the past.

Following these 4 easy steps will help you maintain a proper shave and smooth finish.

razor burn
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  1. Prepping your skin

Before you begin shaving, you’re going to want to open your pores and soften your beard. This is best done through a warm shower. If your beard is particularly course you can even use a little dab of conditioner in those locks.

Hot water opens up your pores and makes it easier to not only get a tighter shave, but to stop the hairs from becoming ingrown.

Another way to avoid ingrown hairs, and the dreaded razor bump, is through properly moisturised skin. By moisturising your face day and night, your skin will become much softer making it easier for the hairs to break through the surface.

We recommend using a day & night moisturiser like theCream’s ‘face’ which will not only give you supple, soft skin, but through its high content of colostrum and aloe-vera will also soothe any pre-existing razor burns.

  1. The proper blades

Although many razor adverts promote the use of multiple blades, you’re better off sticking to a sharp single or double blade to get a smooth shave. This is especially important for avoiding irritation if you have sensitive skin as it means you won’t be shaving over the same area multiple times.

Even more importantly, make sure your blades aren’t blunt or dull, as these will only end up irritating your skin more.

Remember to always clean your blades after use. In-growing hairs and razor burn can be caused by bacteria entering your pores, so be sure to kill these off the blade before you start shaving. Something as simple as a basic cleaning alcohol like ethanol will work!

Razor burn
Photo by Patrick Coddou
  1. The process

Using shaving cream is a no-brainer, but many men forget to re-lather once they’ve shaved a section. It’s important that you do this to reduce the risk of skin irritation through a ‘dry shave’.

However, it is also a problem to overflow your razor with shaving cream. Take short, slow strokes and rinse your razor after each one.

Make sure you are shaving with the grain and not against it. Yes, this may stop you from you getting a face as smooth as a baby’s buttock, but it will also prevent the razor from slicing up your skin!

  1. Sufficient aftercare

Exfoliate! This is not to be a part of your shaving routine, but more something for your general skincare. Much like moisturising your skin, it is important to remember to exfoliate as your hairs grow back. This can be with a loofa sponge, an exfoliant face wash or a once-a-week face mask.

One of our favourites is Lush’s Cup o’ Coffee face mask, which exfoliates skin and plumps it for the day with caffeine.

But the most important steps is finding a post shaving cream. We recommend theCream ‘men’ which calms and smoothes the skin.

It is packed full of colostrum, aloe vera and vitamins to instantly hydrate and improve skin’s moisture balance – perfect for a close shave. On top of this, it helps heal nicks, minor cuts and razor burn fast! Its non-greasy formula ensures you will have a matt (non-shiny) finish, making you fresh faced and ready for the day!

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