Electric Body Skincare range spreads its wings and soars

Electric Body Skincare range spreads its wings and soars

Electric Body’s skincare revolution has well and truly gone global, as its products are now being sold in the Netherlands after helping clients in America, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Since appointing Lida Eydenberg, a Dutch naturopathic and quantum touch practitioner based in Bergen who also trained in Ayurvedic nutrition and neuro emotional healing, in August last year, the skincare range has struck a chord with Dutch customers.

Designed to combat the harmful chemicals in most cosmetics, Electric Body is intended for people who want to look good, safely.

Lida approached Electric Body after an extensive search to find a product that would help her work “from inside out and outside in.” When she tried the Skin Elixir, she concluded it was more than a beauty cream.

Her clients have reported impressive results: from brighter skin for a woman struggling to absorb nutrients, to the accelerated healing of a nasty wound on one man’s head.

“Another client had a yeast infection on the lower part of his leg,” says Lida. “The doctor prescribed a polyethylene paraffin gel containing miconazolnitrate and hydrocortisone but the client preferred a more natural solution. He applied Skin Elixir twice-a-day and now – after 17 days – the skin looks a lot healthier without using any chemicals.”

Susan Fleet, MD of Electric Body Europe, said: “We’re absolutely delighted with the success of Electric Body in the Netherlands. Our Skin Elixir is such a special product and we hope we can bring its healing effects to more of Europe soon.”

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