Your Essential Travel Companion For Summer

Your Essential Travel Companion For Summer

Sunburn, sore skin or a dry face – the summer sun may be fun, but it presents a vast array of problems for your beauty regime. A recent study found that 80-90% of visible damage to skin is caused by the sun, and whether it’s slopping on sun cream or fighting the angry blaze of a burn, the season can be troublesome.

To make things simpler, Electric Body cuts through the crowded cosmetics industry with no-nonsense natural ingredients. Promoting skin health and replacing a multitude of other products, enjoy holidays without having to endlessly ransack the bathroom cabinet. Here’s why…

Healing ingredients

Electric Body Skin Elixir contains several natural ingredients perfect for the summer months. The aloe vera and colloidal silver make for a perfect after-sun treatment, reducing and soothing inflammation simultaneously.

The Skin Elixir also includes emu oil – used by Australian Aborigines in the heat of the desert for centuries. The oil leaves skin feeling soft, but also offers a natural SPF that prevents the peeling phase of nasty sunburn.

Most importantly, Skin Elixir is a world-first, featuring biologically alive colostrum to revitalise and rejuvenate skin. With regular use, colostrum can reverse the effects of sun damage and return a youthful, radiant glow.

The ‘Oven’ Test

Recently, several articles have promoted the ability for skin care products to be heat resistant. When cosmetics are made in the laboratory, chemists perform an “oven test” – placing the product into an oven with temperatures around 47 degrees Celsius with 70% humidity. They then leave it there for any time between six weeks to three months.

The purpose of the oven test is to determine if a product can remain stable and maintain its integrity. Yet the process also reveals how unnatural chemical cosmetics can be. While Electric Body is biologically alive and kind to sensitive skin, man-made products can exacerbate burns and inflammation. During summer, reading the ingredients in your cosmetics is good practice.

Skin health for total body health

When skin burns in the sun, subsequent sensitivity is a sign of thinning skin. With 70% of what is applied to the body already entering your internal system, weakened and damaged skin can increase the impact outer cosmetics have within.

It’s essential to be kinder to skin – chemicals should be replaced with natural ingredients, and the sun should be avoided between 11am and 3pm.

A compact cosmetic

Baggage restrictions on flights are limiting – and can cause cosmetic catastrophes while abroad.

Electric Body Skin Elixir replaces an array of products – everything from eye creams, anti-ageing solutions, and anti-wrinkle creams are incorporated into one lightweight 50ml bottle. It can even travel in hand luggage.


Seasonal changes can also present problems for different skin types – but Skin Elixir’s ingredients will work on dry, oily, or combination skin.

A natural insect repellent

Whether at home or abroad, bees, wasps and mosquitoes can disrupt flawless skin with an unsightly bite or sting. Citrus oils have been proven to repel insects, and our Body Spray includes orange oil, and orange peel oil – as well as a delicious mandarin fragrance.

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