Any questions? Here are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. 

Colostrum is produced for only around 72 hours after birth, before the milk comes in, by every mammal on earth. It is not milk, but rather the starter of all life and different in many ways from milk. Every newborn human and animal on earth is designed to suckle this ‘super food’.

Bovine colostrum is a universal donor that contains all of the immune, healing and growth factors necessary for life. If you type into a search engine, ‘the health effects of colostrum’, many thousands of scientific papers are available. Many doctors and scientists refer to colostrum as the ‘forgotten miracle’.

An allergy to dairy is a digestion issue. Using our colostrum cream on the skin has not been an issue for any of our dairy-intolerant clients. Also, colostrum is not milk and interfaces in and on the body very differently.

It is not that they are bad, it is just that many extracts are processed using alcohol. We chose not to go down that path, but instead use the more expensive cold-pressed botanicals where possible.

This gives us a better Zeta electrical field and ORP (oxygen reduction potential) reading in our finished product that we feel is much healthier and potentially safer for our clients. We would never want even one electrically-dead molecule on our clients’ alive and absorbable skin.

Our brand may cost a little more as a result, but then again it’s about choice and our integrity to do the right thing. Formulated by Denie Hiestand for his cancer clients, it was not made to a price; it was made to work, to be the most life-promoting toxin-free and chemical-free skin cream possible. Now everyone has the opportunity to use this amazingly effective, healthy colostrum skin cream.

Every molecule has a temperature at which point its electrical field collapses. Just like us, if our body gets to a certain temperature, we die, not from a disease, but from an electrical short circuit, if you like.

Understanding this, it is important to keep all the molecules electrical fields intact so that they can meld into a harmonious whole. It’s like playing a tune on a piano, if one of the strikers were broken there would be no vibration (sound) from that note, and the tune would not be harmonious.

To keep all the ingredients working together and to produce the symphony of life, so that the cells can ‘hear’ the tune and respond to the vibrational matrix, all the electrical fields have to be present in the right order. Certain degrees of temperature can destroy this interface. This is the virtue of the ‘Electrical Formulation’ process created by Denie Hiestand. Electric Body Skin Care is made with a very different level of thinking.

Most definitely. Our colostrum cream is produced using only food-grade ingredients and the magic of colostrum (which is what nature intended babies to consume immediately after birth). In fact, it could be considered so safe and healthy, that if your baby happened to eat a little bit, it would be like food and harmless.

We have many clients who have had a wonderful response using our colostrum cream to help alleviate the appearance of stretch marks, and they claim to even stop the stretch marks from developing. Also, many mothers use it for nappy rash, nipple rash, skin irritations, and damaged skin on themselves and their children.

Not only is it a powerful anti-ageing beauty cream, it is a tremendously health assisting cream for all skin damage and issues. This is one of the great advantages of our colostrum cream compared to common skin creams.

Our primary philosophy is to produce the world’s best biologically advanced, biologically alive, colostrum skin cream to assist the skin in all of its issues. The basic premise of this process is not to produce a cream to a price, but to make something that works, that is in perfect harmony with the cellular process we call life.


Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is definitely not poisonous in the minimal dose rates we use. In fact every cell in your body makes hydrogen peroxide – that is how oxygen is transferred through the cell membrane. Hydrogen Peroxide is added to our cream in the correct ratio to ensure the correct vibrational frequency corresponding to life.

Without this oxygenation of our product we would not be able to maintain its bio-availability. Oxygen is a very necessary part of the life-giving process in all things. Hydrogen Peroxide is a 100% natural compound made by every cell, by every mammal to sustain life. That’s why it is in our cream because we have produced a life-giving cream.

Please note that our cream is like food for your skin. Sometimes when people start using it they experience a tightening sensation which is the naturally occurring collagen plumping up and nourishing the cells.

Sometimes your skin may have the sensation of being thirsty as our cream is filled with life-giving ingredients that the skin may be hungry for. In the first few weeks, keep applying the Elixir as your skin needs. You may have to apply more at first until your skin reaches saturation level and then you will be able to back off and just apply a little to maintain it.

For some people in very dry climates, they also feel they need to use a little of our Body Spray combined with the Skin Elixir to really feel nourished. Play around with different combinations until you find what is right for you. Please feel free to contact us with any feedback or questions.


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