The healthy skincare revolution

The healthy skincare revolution

Everywhere you look there are articles, experts and adverts telling us what they should and shouldn’t do to achieve flawless skin.

The problem is there’s so much contradictory advice it’s hard to know what you should believe.

The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ may be helpful…

Would you eat any of the beauty and skincare products in your bathroom cabinet? For most people, the answer is a clear no, given all the chemicals and preservatives they contain. But, what would you think about a product which is so natural you could eat it?

Skin Elixir, the signature product from Electric Body, is the world’s first biologically-live skincare. It is made from New Zealand dairy colostrum, one of the most powerful and life-giving compounds known to science. Mixed with organic aloe vera, blueberry and colloidal silver to name just a few of the natural ingredients, there is nothing in it to make it artificial – thereby guaranteeing natural efficacy.

Because there are so many products, all claiming different uses, many people’s bathroom cabinets are chock-a-block with lotions and potions.

The good news is that Skin Elixir replaces all these bottles, tubes and tubs as it’s an all-in-one beauty cream. It is the perfect replacement for anti-aging cream, moisturiser, toner, lip salve, day and night cream, eye serum, foot lotion, hand balm, cuticle oil and after-shave… Skin Elixir assists in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, damaged, injured, dehydrated and irritated skin.

Okay…now you’re happy with your skin protocol, it makes sense to consider the inside too. Nutrition is the key to good health and so that means examining diet. Healthy fats are hot news at the moment. Apparently, most people don’t have sufficient Omega-3 in their diet and instead replace it with highly processed foods, such as vegetable oils.

Linseed oil, also called flaxseed oil, is a rich source of the vital Omega-3 fatty-acids, known as alpha linolenic acid (ALA). It is a very important part of daily diet and can be successfully used with many recipes – such as a healthy fruit smoothie to kick-start the day.

Linseed has many physical benefits – these include stronger nails and hair while giving skin a healthy glowIt helps keep our internal bodies hale and hearty while strengthening external appearances.

By drinking sufficient water and increasing your Omega 3 intake with Linseed, you will moisturise your skin from the inside.

Apply Electric Body to your face, neck and body and you’ve got it covered!

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