How it works


The fundamentals of quantum physics are behind Electric Body’s anti-ageing technology. Patented Electrically Formulated® and Electrically Available®, Skin Elixir is a revolutionary approach to cosmetics.

Skin Elixir’s all natural ingredients are blended to create the vibrational frequency that enhances the electrical triggers by which our vital skin cells get the information and nutrition they need to survive.

Put simply…

The mysteries of quantum physics tell our skin cells how to react to the “tune” or vibrational frequency of everything we come into contact with.

Based on the vibrational frequency, our cells become healthy or toxic. When foreign bodies are introduced (such as chemical-based creams and lotions), our skin cells can be damaged because the incorrect vibrational frequency is not recognised as life-giving and healthy.

The Electric Body Range is bio-available, so there’s no danger of this. The skin knows what to do with the ingredients in the special, all-natural formulation.

Old thinking

“Traditional” medical science is based on particle physics: one chemical for this, one chemical for that. Nature doesn’t work like that. With Electric Body’s holistic approach, ingredients are hand-mixed and vibrationally-stacked to a specific protocol taking a week to carefully make each batch.

Electric Body’s healthy skincare range is beyond organic; it’s better than green, eco-friendly and life-affirming.

A safe choice for the entire family – from top to toe

Free from chemicals, preservatives & parabens

Made with revitalising anti-ageing technology

Internationally patented

Cell-rejuvenating formula

Award-winning science


Electric Body sets a new eco-friendly benchmark in skin care range. The Skin Elixir can replace an entire bathroom cabinet of conventional cosmetics

It’s time to ditch your separate day and night creams, anti-aging/anti-wrinkle preparations, general moisturisers, toners, sunburn treatments and antiseptic lotions for cuts and scratches, etc. Skin Elixir has it all covered.

Beyond organic…

Electric Body has been conceived with a totally different level of thinking. We have gone beyond natural, beyond organic – to bio-available.

The clamour for everything organic – things grown without the use of agricultural sprays or artificial fertilizers – opened our eyes as to where things came from. This is good news but unfortunately organic doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.

The term has been abused by marketing men and, in fact, petrochemicals could be legally labelled as organic because they occur naturally in the ground; yet we now know that petrochemicals are potentially carcinogenic (cancer-causing).

The difference with Electric Body is that the ingredients have been formulated to create a life-giving whole. This supplies an electrical and biological life-force to rejuvenate every skin cell. When applied to the skin, Electric Body recognises the active ingredients so our bodies know how to use these and return the skin to its optimum condition.

As a result of its formulation, Electric Body Skin Elixir is as effective internally as well as externally.


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