My Experience with ‘The Cream’

My Experience with ‘The Cream’

More and more people are trying natural remedies to treat skin, hair and body issues. Awareness of the dangers of harsh chemicals and the potential health risks they pose is on the increase.

When I joined Electric Body, they made me even more aware of the dangers of chemicals such as parabens and SLS, and kindly gave me a bottle of The Cream to try.

The Cream contains absolutely no chemicals – it is made of completely natural ingredients. I’ve even seen members of the team eating it to demonstrate the point that it is non-toxic, although I don’t think I’ll keep it handy in the kitchen!

One thing I noticed when using this amazing product was how smooth it is, making it easy to apply. The bottle is also fairly compact and would travel well – perfect for taking with me on holiday.

After only one use of this face cream, my skin was already significantly softer, and it continues to get softer with each use. I’ve also noticed that the Milia I have below my eyes are disappearing, along with the slight frown lines I used to have. Although I have relatively good skin for someone my age, I have seen a significant improvement and am confident that this will only continue.

After getting sunburnt on a week’s holiday, I used The Cream as a moisturiser to help repair the damage to my skin. It soothed the sting of the burn and helped keep my skin moisturised for long periods of time – difficult with tender sunburnt skin as it tends to dry out quickly.

It is incredible how a tiny amount of cream can have such a huge effect. After using the cream for a month, my skin looks generally smoother and is significantly softer.

As someone who likes to get up and go, I find The Cream ideal as it takes minimal time to apply. Additionally, it soaks in remarkably quickly, great for when you’re in a rush. Personally, I would recommend it to everyone – no matter their age, gender or skin type.

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