Never too young to learn

Never too young to learn

‘Anti-ageing’ is perhaps the greatest buzzword in the cosmetics industry. Every day, people across the world set out to turn back the clock.

Yet truly ‘turning back the clock’ is impossible, and prevention will always remain the best solution.

Regardless of how many products promise to ‘anti-age’ the body, living healthily when young is the best way to ensure a healthier body and slower ageing.

In short, it’s never too early to learn about what’s good or bad for the body. In a world drowning in chemicals, processed foods and a confusing amount of information about health, it’s easy to get lost. Wising up to the dangers of some cosmetics and foods is essential.

Cosmetic caution

Studies show that 70% of substances applied to the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream and, since the 1950s, women have absorbed over 78,000 synthetic chemicals through their cosmetics.

Erring on the side of caution with skincare is therefore crucial. Applying natural products in your teenage years, or before, could save you from a whole host of potential skin problems. Acne, sensitive skin and in some cases cancer, could all be prevented or reduced.

Electric Body’s Skin Elixir is a worthy alternative. Designed to prevent wear and tear to the skin, the all-natural formula contains colostrum: a biologically alive substance that will rejuvenate and refresh skin. With Skin Elixir, looking good doesn’t come with any long-term repercussions.

Diet dangers

As the media has recently reported, a highly-processed, sugary diet is a recipe for premature ageing and a disaster for your health.

A recent investigation by the BBC found that young people consume more sugar than any other age group. In one day, the average 4-10 year old consumes more than 60g of sugar, while teenagers eat in excess of 74g. Experts advise that people eat no more than 30g a day – meaning these numbers are dangerously high.

Worryingly, sweet snacks can cause a wide array of problems in later life. Not only can they cause ageing, but also are linked with inflammation – a precursor for a whole range of nasty illnesses including arthritis, dementia or even cancer.

You’re never too young to start taking an interest in your health, but you’ll also never be too old. Whether one or one hundred, changing your lifestyle today is a step in the right direction. Losing weight, changing your diet or your cosmetics, Electric Body’s natural skincare can help you on your way.

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