Senior cosmetic scientist David Munden endorses Electric Body

Senior cosmetic scientist David Munden endorses Electric Body

Former president of The Society of Cosmetics Scientists, David Munden, has endorsed a revolutionary new skincare range designed to combat the harmful effects of most cosmetics.

David, who has previously held senior positions at renowned beauty companies such as The Body Shop and Boots, was involved in testing Electric Body products.

A capsule range consisting of a Skin Elixir, Body Spray and Body Polish, Electric Body’s magic comes from the live colostrum ingredient found in the Skin Elixir. As colostrum is the most life-giving substance known to man, the Elixir works to rejuvenate skin.

“Having been a cosmetic scientist for 40 years, I am highly sceptical of ‘miracle’ products and would have dismissed the Skin Elixir claims as sales hype,” David says. “But I saw the formulation first and immediately realised that, with its unique blend of materials, it was something different, so I took the trouble to have it tested on people with various skin problems. It more than lived up to the claims.”

Created by Denie Hiestand in 2008 after he witnessed the carcinogenic effects of cosmetics first-hand, Electric Body was brought to Europe by Susan Fleet.

“Electric Body is such a powerful product, and the Skin Elixir is a complete phenomenon,” says Susan. “We hear all the time how it helps acne, rashes, and many more skin complaints. We’re so proud of a product that really promotes health, without any harmful side effects.”

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