Specialist Digital Camera Takes a Picture of Health

Specialist Digital Camera Takes a Picture of Health

At Electric Body we are fascinated by all things health-related and natural.  All products in both ranges, Electric Body and The Cream, are natural, chemical-free and safe to use every day, everywhere, by everyone. At the heart of our products is a life-giving, natural, active ingredient – New Zealand dairy colostrum. Colostrum is the most powerful, cell-building and complete all-natural ingredient known to man.

As human beings, we are a mass of electrical pulses and we know that the live colostrum (and other key ingredients) in our products can jump-start our body’s electrical system. We have used Kirlian photography to capture the benefits this provides to the electromagnetic field surrounding our body. With this in mind, we were fascinated to hear about a relatively new procedure called a Thermographic Body Scan.

Wendy Calver, RN is a certified Clinical Thermographer

Wendy Calver, RN is a certified Clinical Thermographer. She has been a registered nurse for over 35 years and has also studied reflexology and Reiki during that time. Wendy has always enjoyed using natural therapies to look after her own health and that of her family. Wendy had a Thermographic Scan a few years ago, thought it was impressive and decided to become a Clinical Thermographer so that she could continue to help people in a different way.

This Investigatory procedure has the unique ability to pick up the nervous system’s projection of disease, alerting an individual to a problem in their body. A non-contact digital infrared camera captures and records temperature variations on the skin. It is not a diagnostic test or tool and doesn’t replace any medical machinery on the NHS, but it can be used in conjunction with those machines. While it doesn’t diagnose cancer, it can detect increased blood supply (as found in cancers) called angiogenesis. It is well documented in all fields of medicine that the earliest detection leads to the best outcome.

Mammography, MRI and X-ray detect anatomical changes (structure), but will miss such things as active inflammation, or increased blood supply. Thermography can detect early danger signs in the body years before other devices. In many diseases there are variations in blood flow which in turn affect the skin temperature. The digital camera photographs the amount of heat on the body’s surface. It’s then translated into a digital image seen immediately on a specialised computer programme. It is not invasive, doesn’t involve radiation, injections or dyes going into the system. The scan produces special digitalised images, which are sent to a worldwide team of medical doctors, specifically trained in thermography (thermologists). They interpret the scan and make suggestions as to what the patient should do if there are any problems highlighted on the scan.

The camera can be used for breast health, regions of interest (somewhere on your body that is causing you concern (e.g. possible thyroid gland symptoms), half body or full body scans. A thermography appointment will take approximately 30 minutes for a breast scan or a region of interest (including medical history) and about an hour for a half body or full body scan. The doctor reads the images and the patient’s report is sent to the patient via email within 72 hours. Thermography can be used on both women and men of all ages, including pregnant women, and it can also be used on children when referred by a GP.

Thermography enables earlier intervention and gives people more options to look after their health. Clinics in East Sussex and Kent.

For further information contact Wendy Calver, RN Certified Clinical Thermographer. Visit:  www.thermalbodyscan.co.uk or Call 07738 495450

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