Spring Clean your Skincare with a Nourishing Routine

Spring Clean your Skincare with a Nourishing Routine

Christmas is a distant dream and spring is just around the corner. Officially it starts on 1 March, but its imminent arrival is almost tangible, you can feel it in the air and see new beginnings with the emergence of spring bulbs and tiny new leaflets.

With its increased light and warmth, spring makes us feel more energetic, positive and happier – it’s the perfect time to turn your attention to your complexion. Start prepping for increased exposure to the outside world and the impending rise in temperatures. We have a fresh batch of new stock for Electric Body and theCream on its way, so there’s no better time.  Here are some top tips to get you started:


Leave behind the flaky, dry skin of winter and reveal a healthy glow. Electric Body ‘Body Polish’ is a superior, award-winning exfoliator which is free from petrochemicals, alcohol, parabens and fillers. This entirely natural product uses compounds, such as calcium carbonate, that soften and smooth the surface of the skin. To further enhance it, New Zealand Colostrum is included to nourish and rejuvenate the skin and salts to cleanse and detoxify. The overriding principles of the Body Polish are to provide a highly effective way to exfoliate skin that is gentle at the same time.

Make Light of It 

theCream Face Cream is an easily-absorbed, rich yet lightweight formula, with a subtle citrus fragrance that’s bound to enhance your mood. It instantly hydrates, smoothes the appearance of fine lines, and helps to improve skin tone and texture. If you’d like to add a boost, try theCream Facial Serum. This award-winning skin-saviour is suitable for all skin types, but particularly good for those suffering from dry, ageing or de-hydrated skin.

Keep an eye on it 

Most of us love the sun, but because it’s more prominent at this time of year it can mean that people are more prone to squinting. Add an eye cream to combat associated lines and wrinkles. theCream Eye Cream is a concentrated serum, containing 85% colostrum (our highest level), combined with a revolutionary botanical blend, which enhances collagen and elastin, helps reduce redness and helps to tighten and firm the eye area.

Top to Toe 

theCream is a 100% natural skincare range, free from all chemicals, heavy metals or mineral oils. As with Electric Body, New Zealand dairy colostrum forms the base of all the creams in the range. Colostrum is the most powerful, cell-building and complete all-natural ingredient known to man – you can learn more about it here. The range comprises a comprehensive selection of products to care for the skin on every part of your body, for everybody, any age, man, woman and child:

  • Face |Nourishing Face Cream
  • Men | Nourishing Face Cream
  • Lip | Moisturizing Lip Cream
  • Personal | Personal Relief Cream
  • Repair | Concentrated Repair Cream
  • Body | New Zealand Colostrum Body Cream
  • Hand | New Zealand Colostrum Hand Cream
  • Facial Cleanse |Comforting Facial Cleanser
  • Facial Serum | Concentrated Recharge Serum with Colostrum
  • Eye | Age Defying Eye Serum
  • Body Elixir | Body Elixir Oil with Colostrum

To ensure you can kick-start your spring skin care, from head to toe, we are delighted to be offering special ‘Friends Prices’ on theCream and Electric Body until end March 2019. To find out more please contact graham@electricbody.co.uk

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1 thought on “Spring Clean your Skincare with a Nourishing Routine

  1. Let your skin breathe. Lay off the heavy foundation as part of your spring clean. While foundations can cover well, they can lead to clogged pores and acne as well as sit in the crevices, highlighting dry areas and lines. Leave the foundation for special occasions only and use a light concealer instead to cover up any uneven areas. Your skin will breathe a sigh of relief and thank you with a glowing, dewy complexion.

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