Summer Skin Suffering

Summer Skin Suffering

Some of this summer has been a washout, but it’s more than made up for it recently with lots of blue sky and soaring temperatures.

Although you may want to enjoy the sun while it lasts, it is important to know the adverse effects it has on your skin. Everyone hears that they must wear sunscreen, but does everyone know exactly why?

The skin’s epidermal layer contains the pigment melanin. Melanin is the pigment which causes our skin to be tanned and protects the skin from the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Ultraviolet light is what burns the skin. UV rays penetrate the epidermal layers of the skin and pass into the deeper layers where they damage and even kill skin cells. Repeated burning and exposure to ultraviolet light can cause reduced skin elasticity which speeds up the ageing process.

Repeated exposure to UV light also makes our skin more prone to bruises, tears and slows the healing process of such injuries.

So what can you do to combat these negative effects? Firstly, it is important to protect your skin from the sun using sunscreen. However, many sunscreens have chemical ingredients which can be harmful. Fortunately, there are some really good sunscreens which are readily available and use natural ingredients.

Keep in mind, wearing suncream is not always sufficient – most people don’t renew it as often as they should, while others don’t wear high enough protection factor.

If prevention fails, what’s the cure?

All of Electric Body Skin Elixir’s ingredients are incredibly healing which make it perfect to combat sun damage such as the initial burn and the long term effects. Most of the ingredients also help to improve skin elasticity, countering the anti-ageing effects of the sun. The main benefit of this cream is that it is made of 100% natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about it harming your skin with chemicals.

It also contains colostrum which you can read about here.

Skin care with a healthy attitude.

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  1. This post could say so much more… Will you update it in the future?

    1. Thanks for reading our blog. While we don’t update previous blogs, we do upload new ones so keep an eye out!

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