This Christmas Feed Your Skin with Nourishment Not Chemicals

This Christmas Feed Your Skin with Nourishment Not Chemicals

“You’re never too old to become younger”   ~ Mae West

Whether you’re looking for something to put on your own Christmas Wish List or buying a seasonal gift for a loved one, skin care should most definitely be first in line. Without doubt, skin care is the gift that keeps on giving – a daily skin routine with the best natural products will not only enhance your skin, but also your overall health and wellbeing. These days, you don’t need to put up with plastering harmful chemicals on your skin in the pursuit of beauty. Both of our ranges, Electric Body and The Cream are 100% natural – even safe enough to eat, although we don’t recommend adding them to your Christmas pudding!

More and more people are keen to seek out natural remedies to treat skin, hair and body as awareness grows of the detrimental effects harsh chemicals can pose to health.

Both our Electric Body and theCream ranges are 100% natural, free from all chemicals, heavy metals or mineral oils.  New Zealand dairy colostrum, the most powerful, cell-building and complete all-natural ingredient known to man, forms the base of all the creams in the range. All products are also Bio-Available, which is the extent to which active ingredients can be recognised and used by the body. There is no point using expensive ingredients if the body rejects them.

Our products have won an array of impressive awards too:

  • Electric Body Body Polish | Glamour Magazine Best Exfoliator 2009
  • theCream Personal Relief Cream | NCW Eco Excellence Award 2018
  • theCream Face | Kiwi Natural Beauty Awards for best facial moisturiser 2015
  • theCream Facial Serum | NCW Eco Excellence Award 2017 & Health 2000 Award – 2014
  • theCream Men | NS Beauty with a Conscience – 2017
  • the Cream Hand Cream | Eco Living Best Hand Cream 2015

With a product that effectively addresses every part of your body, from head to toe, Santa will have no trouble finding just the right thing!

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