My time at Electric Body

My time at Electric Body

Having worked for cosmetic brand Electric Body over my summer break from university, my eyes have been opened to the amazing world of natural skin care. Although I have always looked after my skin – using moisturisers, cleansers, toners, night creams and day creams – I have never truly understood what I have been putting onto or into my body.

Our skin absorbs 70% of what we rub into it. Meaning that 70% of everything we put on our skin ends up in our bloodstream.

The average woman absorbs more than two pounds of grease and chemicals every year through their skin, mostly from the cosmetics they are using. A truly frightening figure! Think of nicotine patches and how they calm the cravings of smokers by allowing a small amount of the addictive chemical into the bloodstream at a time.

After my first day at Electric Body’s European headquarters I went home and cleared out my bathroom cupboard including the numerous moisturisers and exfoliants I had been pouring on my skin for years. When clearing them out I looked at the ingredients listed and was shocked to see many chemicals and parabens that are potentially harmful to the skin.

As I continue in the various departments at EB I learn more about not only natural skin care products but also Electric Body’s amazing Skin Elixir, a biologically-alive skincare cream. I read all the available literature about the Skin Elixir and found that it contains 85% colostrum – the most life giving substance know to science.

This colostrum is the excess produced on New Zealand dairy farms. Colostrum itself is a ‘kick start’ to life as it is the first milk of all mammals. Denie, the creator and founder of EB, was raised in New Zealand and his mother always had a supply of colostrum in the fridge to use on cuts and scrapes as he grew up. Not something every mother would have available but growing up on a diary farm created a free supply and inspired Denie to incorporated biologically-alive colostrum in his Skin Elixir.

As well as being raised on colostrum in New Zealand, Denie practices as a healer and was asked one day by a cancer sufferer and patient of his to create a skin cream that did not harm the body whilst making the skin feel and look beautiful. This stimulated Denie to create the Electric Body range, using only natural products without harming any animals in the process.

In order to keep the colostrum biologically alive Denie had to learn astrophysics, which is no mean feat, to understand the way each of the ingredients works in accordance with the other. Due to this, each batch of Electric Body is made to order and not mass-produced.

While other creams call themselves organic, I learnt that this doesn’t mean that they are 100% free of harmful chemicals and those dodgy parabens. Electric Body is unique in the sense that it is so natural that if it were left out in the air it would go mouldy in about a month.

This, however, did cause a problem when trying to store the Skin Elixir and so Denie had to invest in an air tight pump to keep the cream away from the micro-bacteria in the air that would eat the natural substance. I had never heard of a skin cream going mouldy after such a short space of time. Other natural products, although not filled with harmful chemicals are already dead by the time we buy them. Electric Body, however, gives life to the skin and therefore is unique in the beauty industry.

The Electric Body range also consists of the Body Polish and Body Spray. Whilst the Skin Elixir can be used as an all over skin cream, Denie also created a body moisturiser and exfoliator – which each boast unique qualities.

The Body Spray smells amazing and is my favourite product in the range. It is a single-molecule oil and, unlike other body moisturisers, does not clog-up the skin with harmful chemicals giving a false sense of softness by damaging the first layer of the skin. Instead the 100% natural Body Spray hydrates the skin, leaving the pores clean and clear of harmful chemicals whilst allowing the skin to breathe through the oil.

The final product in the Electric Body range is the Body Polish, an all-over exfoliator which can be massaged onto damp skin to remove dead skin cells or can be added to a bath. The Body Polish also contains the special ingredient of colostrum.

Having learnt so much about the dangers of chemicals in cosmetics it has made me rethink my approach to skincare. I truly believe that natural skincare is the best way to keep the skin looking beautiful and healthy and Electric Body’s biologically alive Skin Elixir is the only product on the market that is giving life to my skin. I wouldn’t leave home without it!

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