What makes Electric Body Special?


As human beings we are a mass of electrical pulses. The live colostrum and other key elements of Skin Elixir can jump-start our body’s electrical system: revitalisation in a bottle.

What’s new about Electric Body Skin Elixir?

Since the 1950s, virtually all skin creams have been water-based: biologically-dead chemicals diluted with water and a few herbs thrown in for good measure. The problem with this approach is that the active substance is buried beneath layers of toxic ingredients, including derivatives from petrol. Doesn’t your skin deserve more than over-processed heat-treated and life-striped pollutants?

Skin Elixir is different… just pure, natural life-giving skin nutrition

Chemical-free for healthy families. Safe to use every day, everywhere, by everyone. At the heart of our Skin Elixir is a life-giving, natural, active ingredient. We use only natural cell-rebuilding technology – the way Mother Nature intended.

Nature's forgotten miracle

Simply the most powerful, life-giving substance known to science, colostrum is the secret of Skin Elixir. Nature’s first milk is designed to GIVE life, it is the only known ‘complete’ food.

Electric Body Kirlian Photography

Increase your life force

Witness a significant improvement to your body’s life force, health and wellbeing. Applying Skin Elixir just to the face enhances your whole electromagnetic field two-fold (see right, which shows the electrographic photographs before and after a single application to the face). Scientific proof indicates this is more than just a skin cream.


Scientists now admit that our skin is so absorbent that we should be careful to avoid rubbing in toxic substances. Too many chemicals are taken into the body through our porous skin, sometimes through inferior cosmetics. With Electric Body you can be sure of enhancing rather than polluting our largest organ.

Pump it out…

Cream in a jar or tube is biologically dead. That’s why Skin Elixir comes in a specially devised vacuum pump – sealed from the air. This is what makes it a gift of life to all life – cell enhancing, health promoting and beautifying for every single skin cell.

Award-winning science

Cell-rejuvenating formula

A safe choice for the entire family – from top to toe

Free from chemicals, preservatives & parabens

Internationally patented

Made with revitalising anti-ageing technology


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